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Could Your Business Benefit from Commercial Cleaning Services?

Updated: Sep 22, 2022

Commercial Cleaning Services

As we move forward and more employees return to workplaces, there is an even greater emphasis on sanitary work conditions. Many workers have now become accustomed to frequent hand washing, sanitation stations and overall awareness about hygiene standards. Pro Shine Cleaning Services - Commercial cleaning services are up to the challenge of meeting those needs.

This is the ideal time to hire professional cleaners to keep your facilities clean and reassure your employees. Pro Shine Cleaning is a leader in the professional cleaning industry. We regularly earn the loyalty of our customers by exceeding expectations.

Cleaning of office buildings and commercial properties:

Whether it is in a commercial and residential cleaning complex or a small business office, we clean restrooms, club houses and conference rooms and recycle consumables such as toilet paper, hand towels and soap. We also dust off staff desks and window blinds, as well as keep lobby areas neat and clean for our customers. We tailor our services to the specific needs of your business.

Commercial Cleaning Office

Some important points of commercial office cleaning:

• Give your employees and customers a better and safer workplace

• Required for professional image

• Use the right tools and equipment

• Green Cleaning Solutions

Medical office and facility maintenance:

We are well equipped to handle the unique needs of healthcare facility maintenance such as medical offices, hospitals, urgent care and walk-in clinics. We comply with all standards requirements and are trained to handle blood borne pathogens. Our systems and procedures help prevent cross-contamination between restrooms, waiting rooms and examination rooms. We comply with requirements for using chemical cleaning products, and we store all safety data sheets along with a written exposure control plan on site.

Dental Office Cleaning

Why Business Office Cleaning is Necessary:

Pro Shine Commercial Cleaning Services offers a full menu of Janitorial, small offices, and disinfectants, along with deep cleaning and other specialized services. Contact Office Pro Shine of Fort Myers-Florida 239-478-8884 to request a free custom quote for your routine, disinfection or deep cleaning service needs.

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