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What To Expect From a House Cleaning Company

Having a busy schedule can tire everyone out. Add in the responsibility of cleaning your house to look neat, spotless, and de-cluttered; it makes life even more hectic. But lucky for you, hiring a house cleaning company can help you manage your time and maintain your house side by side.

If you are searching for a professional residential cleaner but don’t know what responsibilities they can manage. Don’t worry! Here are the primary jobs you can expect a house cleaning company to offer.

house cleaning company

Dusting And Mopping

Expert cleaners are in charge of dusting the house and mopping the floor. They wipe down the windows, across the shelves, sofas, beddings, and nightstands. Then they proceed to dry or wet mop the floor, based on your specifications.

The cleanup workers also wipe down the tables, chairs, appliances, and other furniture with brushes and clean towels to remove piling dust, stains, and spills.


Dry vacuuming is one of the most generic tasks you can expect from every house cleaning company. They vacuum your flooring and clean the carpets to keep the germs away. If you have tiled or wooden flooring, the cleaners can also swipe it using a broom and scrub the stubborn stains before vacuuming.

Dishwashing And Kitchen Cleanup

Home cleaners do the dishes, scrub, and dry off your sink, wipe the kitchen countertops, and all the electronics present in the space. They clean the oven, refrigerator, and lastly, the dishwasher.

Based on your specifications, they also conduct weekly deep cleaning of the electronics to remove old leftovers and rub the food stains inside ovens. The cleaners also collect the garbage bins and unload them to avoid nasty odors emitting from the kitchen area. In the end, they mop and clean the floor, make sure it’s dry and spot-free and then proceed to the next step: laundry.

Bathroom Cleanup

As you hire a house cleaning company, one of the best things they do is ensure the sanitization of your bathrooms. They scrub the shower and bath system, wipe across the sink and the area under it, and clean the vanities if you’ve them installed. They also clean the toilet and follow special instructions or use specific disinfecting formulas if you inform them beforehand.

Furthermore, the cleaning professionals dust the bathroom fixtures and wash and wipe the mirrors. They ensure leaving the bathroom dry and moisture-free to avoid mold and fungal growth due to high humidity.

Deep Cleaning

You can also expect the house cleaning company to undertake deep cleaning once a week or month. During this, they pay special attention to wiping the walls, windows, and cabinets and even polishing the silver. They will also vacuum your beds, curtains, and the rough surfaces of your furniture.

Contact Professional House Cleaning Today!

Save your time for other pressing matters and let cleaning experts transform your house into squeaky perfection. You can reach out to the Pro Shine Cleaning Service by calling (239) 478-8884 and scheduling your residential cleaning.

Come home to a tidy and tranquil space and love how the homely and organized interior feels!



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