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Residential Cleaning Service

House Cleaning Services


Pro Shine Cleaning offers house cleaning services as well as commercial cleaning services in the Fort Myers and Cape Coral area. Our goal is to promote the health and well-being of your family by providing our customers with a routinely scheduled home cleaning plan that begins with a deep clean tailored to your unique residence. We understand that today's fast paced life can make cleaning your home a challenge. That doesn't mean you don't want your home looking and feeling the best it can. After all your living space can affect both your health and your mental attitude.


Our house cleaning service will alleviate the stress of maintaining your home and we can tailor a plan that works within your budget. We have several service plans available to meet your specific needs and pricing options correlating to the services performed. Contact us today to receive your free cleaning service quote.

Deep Cleaning Services For Your Home:

  • Wipe Woodwork
  • Wipe Doors
  • Wipe Cabinets
  • Wipe Paneling
  • Clean Windows
  • Spot Clean Walls
  • Vacuum Furniture
  • Vacuum Bedding
  • Vacuum Window Blinds
  • Vacuum Vent Covers
  • Clean Under Area Rugs
  • Clean Under Lights & Movable Furniture
  • Polish Silver
  • Clean Oven

Regular Residential & House Cleaning Services

Services List
  • Dust Windowsills & Decorative Items
  • Dust Wall Hangings & Furniture
  • Remove Cobwebs
  • Dust Blinds & Ceiling Fans
  • General Tidying
  • Vacuum All Carpeted Floors & Rugs
  • Clean Hardwood Floors
  • Mop All Tiled Or Linoleum Floors
  • Empty Wastebaskets
  • Wash Sliding Glass Doors
  • Make Beds
  • Clean & Sanitize Appliances
  • Wipe Small Appliances
  • Clean & Sanitize Shower & Tub
  • Clean & Sanitize Bathroom Sinks
  • Clean & Sanitize Bathroom Counters
  • Clean & Sanitize Toilets
  • Clean & Shine Mirrors & Fixtures
  • Fold Towels
  • Clean & Sanitize Stove
  • Clean & Sanitize Counters & Sink
  • Clean Microwave
  • Dust Cabinet Exteriors
  • Wipe Table & Chairs
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