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What Does Deep Cleaning Your House Consist Of?

We all put off cleaning specific areas of our homes until it becomes necessary. But when you plan to do that, the cleaning tasks start piling up, and you need a deep house cleaning before you know it. But what does deep cleaning consist of?

Well, it depends on which room you're planning on cleaning. Read on to find out what deep cleaning your home consists of based on the room.

Deep Cleaning Your Home

General Deep Cleaning

General deep cleaning includes vacuuming the floor, windows, cabinets, etc., generally hard to reach. Moreover, cleaning your HVAC system's vent covers also falls under this category.

If you have window screens, you must remove dust and cobwebs from them and wipe down the ceiling fans if you have them at home.

Removing stains from carpet, fingerprints, and marks from doorframes and hinges, sanitizing garbage cans are all part of deep cleaning the general areas of your home.

Kitchen Deep Cleaning

Kitchens are one place that requires deep cleaning the most because of all the accumulated grease. Your oven, stove, toaster, and microwave, in particular, need to be cleaned as they are prone to catching grease.

The refrigerator also requires a thorough clean. The rubber gasket surrounding the refrigerator or freezer door should not be overlooked during the deep cleaning process.

The sink and dishwasher are also essential parts of deep kitchen cleaning. Make sure you disinfect them properly before using them.

Bathroom Deep Cleaning

After kitchens, deep bathroom cleaning is next in line. An essential part of deep cleaning bathrooms is to get rid of stains and marks on your grout. Shower curtains and toothbrush holders are also often overlooked, so clean them thoroughly.

While you may clean your toilet regularly, you'll find nasty things if you pay attention to the base and back of the toilet. Deep house cleaning is the perfect time to eliminate all the accumulated dirt, dust, debris, and residual soap hiding in the corners.

Get Cleaning

While it is possible to take time out of your busy schedule and dedicate a whole day to deep cleaning, a more feasible solution is to hire help. A professional can do the job 10 times better with exceptional results mainly because they have all the supplies and cleaning equipment needed for deep cleaning.

If you're looking for any leads for hiring a cleaning company, we recommend giving Pro Shine Cleaning Services a try. They offer the best deep house cleaning services at an affordable price.



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