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10 Questions to Ask a Janitorial Service Company

Thinking of Hiring a Janitorial Service Company?

There are many things to consider when hiring a janitorial services company. Working with a poor janitorial vendor will affect the cleanliness of your commercial space and will be a waste of money. Instead of repeatedly working with a bad service provider, consider making your hiring process more thorough.

janitorial service company

If you want to work with the best commercial cleaning company, here are the top 10 questions you can ask when hiring to deduce if the company is right for your business:

1. How Long Have You Been in the Business?

Experience matters when hiring janitorial services. If your vendor has more experience, they are more likely to do a better job.

2. What is Your Employee Screening Process?

Since the workers of the janitorial vendor will be working inside your commercial building, you want them to be individuals you can trust. Always ask the commercial cleaning company how they screen employees when hiring. Do they conduct a drug test? Are the past criminal records checked?

3. How are Your Workers Trained?

A reliable janitorial company puts their workers under special training to tackle commercial spaces, including schools, industries, offices, hotels, etc. Make sure you hire a company that undergoes training to cater to a business like yours.

4. How Do You Manage Your Employees?

In a well-organized cleaning company, the employees are rewarded for outstanding performances, but the company takes immediate action when they offer poor service. Do ask the company how employee performances are managed before hiring.

5. Do You Have Insurance?

You should always hire an insured company to prevent liability claims against your business.

6. How Frequently are the Cleaners Changed?

You will want an experienced cleaner who understands your company’s requirements and some new faces from time to time.

7. How Often Do You Bill the Services?

Generally, cleaning companies charge monthly, while some may bill the services over a 45-day period. Clarify the billing process when hiring.

8. What Measures Do You Take for Quality Control?

A professional cleaning company uses the latest technology to make the best quality control measures. Modern companies use apps to rectify cleaning issues immediately.

9. Do You Use Eco-Friendly Products?

If you’re concerned about the environment, make sure you hire a company that uses eco-friendly products.

10. Do You Have CIMS Certification?

CIMS certification is difficult to get, but it is almost like a guarantee that you can trust when a company has it.

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