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What's the Difference Between Janitorial & Cleaning Services?

Janitorial vs Cleaning Services

Often, times we hear the words janitorial and cleaning used simultaneously, but the two services are quite different by comparison.

Both are synonymous with the cleaning profession and this article will break down the differences between the two roles and show you how they are different.

Janitorial Cleaning Services

What Are Janitorial Services?

Janitorial services are a subset of commercial cleaning. They focus on cleaning duties for businesses rather than individual customers. Janitorial work in a commercial setting can be highly specialized depending on the client as well as the industry.

Some janitorial work can also be high risk (and requires training), wherein the janitorial staff may have to clean up blood or highly toxic chemicals, or even crime scenes. Based on the commercial business's specific needs, it's possible to find the necessary janitorial services. This is important for keeping everything sanitary and safe for employees and clients alike.

Janitors are skilled at:

• Cleaning carpets

• Working cleaning machinery

• Polishing floors

• Comfortable working with harsh chemicals

• General maintenance

• Handling unpleasant materials such as trash, mold, etc.

In some settings, such as schools, the scope of a janitor's job is a little wider, wherein they are responsible for some security and repair of doors, windows, and other parts of the building. They may do some routine maintenance, but this should be explicitly requested to avoid confusion.

What Are Cleaning Services?

When a company says they offer commercial cleaning services, they generally mean services around the home and in a non-commercial setting. Much like maid service, the cleaners will concentrate on getting everything well cleaned, even better than a homeowner might have the tools to accomplish.

Cleaning services vary from business to business, but the focus is usually:

• Dusting

• Vacuuming

• Laundry

• General cleaning of common areas

• Bed making and laundry if requested

How Are the Two Different?

While janitorial services are meant for businesses and can include highly skilled tasks, cleaning services are more your basic cleaning for a home.

Due to the nature of the services offered, the cost between the two can differ greatly, especially when one considers the types of jobs that will be undertaken. If you need specialized cleaning for unusual or dangerous substances like bloody fluids or chemicals, you'll likely need to find specialized janitorial services.

How Should I Decide Which One To Hire?

The choice as to whom you hire comes down to three things: your needs, your budget, and whether you need commercial services from a highly trained individual.

If you have a three-bedroom house, then you probably do not need or want to hire and pay high prices for a commercial cleaner to come in a do a touch-up. Your average cleaning services should do the trick to get your rooms spick and span. But if you need regular cleaning and maintenance of your business, you may need to invest in consistent janitorial services.

Another aspect to consider is insurance. Now, the thought of insurance may never have crossed your mind when considering the services of a cleaner, but what if they fell and hurt themselves in your home? If they are not licensed and insured, then you could be held liable for their injury. This is where a reliable company would be a better choice because they have protections in place to care for their employees while serving you.

Find the Right Services for You

The terms janitor and cleaner are both used to refer to anyone who cleans. But when it comes to hiring the right people for your home or business, you want to look carefully at the differences. Consider if they are equipped for the tasks you need to be completed and what you're willing to pay before you sign off on hiring. Contact Pro Shine Cleaning Services today to get a free consultation!



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